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pressure test - cleaning equipment

This technical piece of equipment combines a pressure test rig with the required final cleaning process. Pipe assemblies for the automotive industry are function tested by differential pressure testing and are then subject to final cleaning, conservation and drying in the Rototronic® in accordance with defined cleanliness classes. Parts handling and transport logistics with rotation and angle positioning, in exact accordance with customer requirements, ensure an effective production cell. In addition the equipment documents to a database the test and cleaning parameters and passes these to a customer-side QA system.



Supply of multi-stage,
fully-automated Rototronic®
equipment to China

PURIMA has taken the first multi-stage, fully-automated ROTOTRONIC cleaning equipment to Changchun, China.

The ROTOTRONIC cleaning equipment designed by PURIMA is used in many areas of industry and meets high standards of cleaning requirements while ensuring high material throughput. The equipment can be operated as a stand alone unit or can be integrated into a fully automated production line.

Several installations of PURIMA equipment are already in operation for leading manufacturers of automotive air conditioning pipework in factories in Mexico and Germany. The 3 dimensionally curved pipes became increasingly complex and also curved heat exchanger pipes needed to be cleaned, so two additional sets of equipment were put into operation in Germany and Changchun.

All parts and assemblies were cleaned after soldering using a multi-stage ultrasound process before rinsing and drying with circulated air. After deaning and drying, no particles > 200 µm should be noted and the parts should be absolutely dried before the following tightness test using helium. In order to obtain the drying requirements for the complex heat exchanger pipes, circulated air drying using a continuous vacuum drier was fitted.

The equipment operates with a cycle time of approx 6 - 10 min per load. Using all stations at the same time up to 10 washing baskets of approximate dimensions 1200mm x 600mm x 400mm can be handled per hour.


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