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Filter and process technology

A specially efficient filter technology guarantees that we meet our customer's strictest cleaning requirements.

Bag and cartridge filters

Continuous filtering of the tanks is imperative. The filter equipment used needs to suit the quantities of contaminants and cleanliness class requirements.

Band filters

When cleaning heavily contaminated components, a large quantity of dirt will be collected in the first cleaning tank. A continuous band filter is recommended for contaminant removal. The medium can then be passed on for fine filtering.

Oil separator

In cleaning equipment for oil and grease removal, the tanks are fitted with a separate circuit for oil separation. The oil separators we use have a high separation efficiency and good operating reliability.

Membrane technology

Our modular membrane technology equipment can be integrated into existing systems as a filter circuit. The automatic operation of the filter equipment is either centrally controlled by the cleaning equipment or by its own separate PLC module.

Water treatment

The quality of the water used for the tanks and for topping up has a decisive influence on the results of the cleaning process. We offer a full range of demineralisation equipment for water treatment.

Metering and analysis technology

Consistent cleaning results require stable cleaning fluid concentrations. Especially in a large scale continuous cleaning process, automatic topping up of cleaning fluid is recommended, dependant on concentration measurements, material throughput and top-up volumes.


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