The most stringent cleaning requirements, efficiency and economy

Parts cleaning is an important part of the production process chain. Process contaminants such as greases, oils or fine particles must be removed, to ensure that the next process stage is completed correctly. For over 25 years, PURIMA has been known internationally for innovative system solutions in industrial parts cleaning. As a specialist in specific plant design, we use our know-how to help companies from all branches of production. Our equipment is used daily by customers in a range of industries, especially in the automotive, aerospace and space, rail and traffic engineering fields and also rubber and plastics.

Individual planning

Cleaning requirements are different for every customer and change with each project. That these requirements are met is an important factor for your production process and decisive for end product quality. PURIMA is meeting these challenges on a daily basis. We have developed and manufactured the standard parts cleaner for small operations and also large scale equipment for a throughput of several thousand parts per hour. Balancing mechanical, temperature, chemical and time requirements, we work to find the optimum combinations for each customer to ensure that their specific cleaning needs are met.

Tailor-made solutions

PURIMA cleaning equipment is developed and manufactured with the sole aim of being a perfect part of your production line. Time and minimising any factors which reduce production effectiveness are important issues for manufacturers. Efficiency is therefore a key theme for PURIMA. Efficiency means something different to every client: it might be high parts throughput  or maybe stringent cleaning requirements. Parts cleaning with PURIMA means fitting in with the rhythm of your production processes and adding value with the right equipment design.

Advice and customer care

The PURIMA Team is the driving force behind our cleaning designs. The efficiency of our equipment is always the result of intensive cooperation with our customers. At PURIMA we make the whole process of creating your equipment solution transparent and accessible. Our customer care begins right from the first planning stages. Only by working together can we ensure that feasibility studies and problem analyses lead to the optimal solution. Our undertaking doesn't end when we install your equipment. PURIMA provides worldwide technical support, arranges any replacement parts needed and offers professional maintenance for your equipment.

Quality with history

PURIMA, previously RPE Pape Anlagentechnik, has designed, manufactured and commissioned cleaning equipment for customers with great success over the last 31 years. The further development of the company has always been important for us. Since 2014, we have been working closely with the internationally excellently positioned DENIOS Group. As an outward sign of our national and international reorientation, we have changed our name from "RPE" to "PURIMA" in the course of this. A regular exchange of know-how and skills, improved service and also worldwide sales channels form the basis for fresh ideas and a continued extension of our capacity to help our customers.