First multi-stage, fully automated Rototronic cleaning plant in Changchun

The cleaning systems designed by PURIMA type Rototronic are used in many areas of the industry and meet high purity requirements with high material throughput.

Rototronic: Multi-Stage cleaning technology

Standalone industry Solution for the industry

Standalone Solution

The Rototronic cleaning systems can be operated as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into a fully automatic production line. For a leading manufacturer of pipes for air conditioning systems in vehicles, several plants from PURIMA are already in operation in plants in Mexico and Germany. After the three-dimensional bent pipes become more and more complex and bent heat exchangers have to be cleaned, two further plants have been put into operation in Germany and the Changchun plant.

Microscopic residual contamination

After soldering, all parts and assemblies are ultrasonically cleaned, rinsed and dried with circulating air in a multi-stage process. After cleaning and drying, no particles > 200 μm more must be detectable and the parts must be absolutely dry for the subsequent tightness test with helium. In order to meet the requirements for the drying of the complex heat exchanger tubes, a through-flow vacuum dryer is connected downstream of the circulating air drying. The plants are operated with a cycle time of approx. 6 - 10 min per batch. Thanks to the simultaneous use of all stations, up to 10 baskets can be processed with dimensions of approx. 1200mm x 600mm x 400mm per hour.

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