Innovative system solutions on the Parts2Clean

"Quality needs perfection" – Under this motto more than 250 exhibitors will meet at this year's Parts2clean in Stuttgart. PURIMA and DENIOS will be showcasing the latest developments in the areas of cleaning technology and safety at the workplace on a joint stand at almost 7,300 sqm of exhibition space.

The PURIMA booth on Parts2clean exhibition

Stand alone industry emergency shower

Purity and security up to date

An exciting overview of the system solutions in the field of cleaning technology enables a functional cross-section of a Rototronic cleaning system. The material to be cleaned is moved over and within the cleaning medium by means of multi-dimensional rotational movements. Cleaning systems of this series can realize all common cleaning processes in multi-stage process steps and meet the highest purity requirements at industrial timing. There has also been a lot of work in the field of industrial emergency showers. PURIMA provides a completely self-sufficient model that does not have to be connected to the internal water supply. A built-in tank keeps enough liquid to provide sufficient fluid in emergency situations to employees at any location or in the laboratory.

Community stand with DENIOS

Since 2014, PURIMA has been part of the international DENIOS Group. For the catalog program of the market leader for environmental protection and safety in the company, PURIMA developed, among other things, a product line at standard parts manufacturers. PURIMA now produces and develops all products and solutions from the area of pollutant detection and air technology at the Porta Westfalica site. The joint development work of the two companies has already led to some innovations, which are also on the Parts2Clean. For example, the "Vario flow 4.0" suction table was developed with the DENIOS specialists for ventilation technology from the Netherlands. The new suction table will can also be tested on the exhibition booth.

Product range