New technologies for clean results

Cleaning requirements are different for every customer and change with each project. That these requirements are met is an important factor for your production process and decisive for end product quality. PURIMA is meeting these challenges on a daily basis. We have developed and manufactured the standard parts cleaner for small operations and also large scale equipment for a throughput of several thousand parts per hour. Balancing mechanical, temperature, chemical and time requirements, we work to find the optimum combinations for each customer to ensure that their specific cleaning needs are met.

Cleaning in sync with your production

PURIMA cleaning equipment is developed and manufactured with the sole aim of being a perfect part of your production line. Time and minimising any factors which reduce production effectiveness are important issues for manufacturers. Efficiency is therefore a key theme for PURIMA. Efficiency means something different to every client: it might be high parts throughput  or maybe stringent cleaning requirements. Parts cleaning with PURIMA means fitting in with the rhythm of your production processes and adding value with the right equipment design.