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Ultrasound cleaning

Gentle and effective

During ultrasound cleaning, waves between 20 and 130 kHz are created in the cleaning bath. These are produced by vibrating elements at the edges of the tank or on the base of the tank. Over and underpressure waves spread out from these elements, which, from a certain power density, break down the liquid compounds (the chemical bonds in the medium). Small vacuum bubbles are created, which are not visible with the naked eye. These burst on the surface of the parts to be cleaned, creating a direct pressure on the surface, called cavitation. Particles of dirt stuck to the surface are dislodged, without any damage being done to the material itself. Cavitation will occur on all surfaces in contact with the liquid. Ultrasound cleaning is therefore ideal for reaching inside narrow cracks or blind holes, where other cleaning methods would not work or would not be effective.

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