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A continous cleaning chain reaction

Cleaning equipment like Flowtronic® is designed to handle high numbers of series parts while ensuring the highest levels of cleaning quality. In multi-stage continuous cleaning equipment, cleaning processes such as ultrasound, spray cleaning, injection flood washing or high pressure water jet technology and drying can be combined. Our Flowtronic® V excels in the optimal handling of complex parts, enabling multiple changes of position in the dip and spray processes, above or below the surface of the bath. Flowtronic® H transports parts horizontally. Different spray and drying processes are combined in this piece of equipment.


  • Consistent cleaning results with a high material throughput
  • Flexible parts retainer arrangements
  • Seamless process integration
  • Separation of zones
  • Extension of equipment life
  • Combination of many cleaning technologies
  • Optimisation of costs with targeted media preparation
  • Minimises delays

Examples of use:

  • Piping systems
  • Servo and air conditioning components
  • Chassis and engine components
  • Pre and post handling of welded assemblies
  • Metal mesh
  • Gear components
  • Sheet metal and stamped parts
  • Bulk goods

FlOWTRONIC® in pictures

From practice: Our Flowtronic® in customer use

For the cleaning of complex aluminum workpieces from battery trays for electric vehicles, we developed a customized cleaning system of the type Flowtronic® for a customer of the automotive industry. The result: a unique cleaning symbiosis of automation, efficiency and easy handling:

practical example


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