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High pressure equipment

Energy – getting to the heart of the matter

PURIMA high pressure cleaning equipment uses just water based cleaning techniques without the addition of chemicals and with the maximum mechanical energy. This cleaning technology is used in our proven equipment or robot-assisted high pressure booths. Typical applications would be the removal of coatings, burrs or cleaning. Component geometry and parts quantities determine the design of the final process and handling technology used.


  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning without chemicals
  • Stepless pressure adjustment up to 4000 bar
  • Can be used for cleaning individual parts or with continuous cleaning technologies
  • Able to handle complex geometries, contour paths
  • Does not attack the material

Examples of use:

  • Mould and matrix cleaning
  • Cleaning weld seams
  • Removing burrs
  • Roughening
  • Decoating components
  • Removing paint
  • Removing residues

High pressure Equipment in pictures

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