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The specialist cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment such as Rototronic® is able to carry out all the movements and angular positioning required to clean components with a complex geometry. In Rototronic, all the traditional processes can be combined into a multi-step procedure. Multidimensional angular positioning and rotation within and above the process baths guarantee that the most stringent cleanliness requirements can be met. A Rototronic® is custom designed for processing individual parts in parts-specific retainers and bulk goods. Processes such as removing paint, grease, burrs, rust, rinsing or drying can be combined in a customised way.


  • Exact angular positioning of the component
  • Rotation within and above the process baths
  • Oscillation
  • Integration into customer’s logistics, infrastructure and production lines
  • Adapted to components, cycle times and numbers of parts
  • Possible to handle large weights and dimensions
  • Minimises delays

Examples of use:

  • Store
  • Air conditioning and servo components
  • Components which are difficult to access
  • Pipes and tubing
  • Engine and gear components
  • Chassis components
  • Stamped and sheet metal parts
  • Bulk goods

Rototronic in Bildern

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